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Murdock Village

Murdock Village is envisioned to be a mixed use, integrated development which provides for the needs of current and future populations through creating a destination which provides:

  • Charlotte County and the surrounding southwest Florida area with a mix of attractions, housing and employment.
  • Distinct “neighborhoods” that serve as the basic building block of the community.
  • A variety of uses which provide for a vibrancy in the community including entertainment, retail, educational and open spaces.
  • An impression of economic stability and a sense of place, which adds to the livability of the area.
  • An area and identity that differs from the current (traditional) development patterns and opportunities experienced in Charlotte County and the surrounding municipalities.
  • An attractor which takes advantage of its location and regional assets including beaches, sports complex, and transportation resources.
  • For the long‐term viability of economic development and sustainable development practices which create distinct opportunities for future development.

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